Decorative Gravel Binding Solution

We bring you the second installment in our series of 'Problem Solved' articles that detail how ROMEX solved a particular challenge or problem in the industry.

This edition focusses on how to build a public, pedestrian hardscape with a decorative aggregate surface that is low maintenance and water-permeable, while meeting project sustainability objectives.

Surrey Energy Plant Project Details

Surrey City’s new West Village District Energy Centre (“DEC”) and Park is the City’s first permanent energy centre. It will be an integral part in improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing more competitive energy pricing for Surrey residents and businesses in the City Centre.

What sets the West Village DEC apart is its ‘systems thinking’ approach to scaling up energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Planned as one of the largest systems in Canada, it will expand to meet projections for thermal energy demand and achieve targets for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The futuristic and environmentally-conscious objectives of the West Village Energy Centre required a low-maintenance gravel binding solution for their pedestrian pathways. Our resin-bound “DEKO” solution was the perfect partner.

More energy centres, fuelled by an expanded range of renewable energy sources, will be added and the piping network expanded as heating demand increases. Over time, the district energy system will cover the entire City Centre area serving tens of thousands of households.

The City of Surrey engaged space2place Landscape Architects, who successfully brought their vision to life using ROMEX “DEKO” as a key piece in the puzzle.

Project Needs

  • A permeable and low maintenance solution for securing the client’s selected aggregate in order to provide an aesthetically, functionally, and environmentally-suitable result.
  • A contemporary hexagonal design theme with a variety of hardscape surfaces that were all capable of supporting pedestrian loading while providing a solid, smooth surface for users and satisfying accessibility criteria.
  •  A durable and robust solution that was frost resistant as well as impenetrable by weeds and ants.

As a proud Certified Carbon Neutral company, Romex Canada was delighted to partner with the City of Surrey who have made a strong commitment to sustainable energy production and developing futureforward solutions.

Project Solution: DEKO BY ROMEX

Our durable, low-maintenance and water-permeable “DEKO” gravel binding solution satisfied the development parameters and aesthetic design criteria. DEKO allowed for a free-draining, decorative aggregate to be transformed into a load bearing, solid, yet still water-permeable surface. The robust bonding strength of DEKO created a low-maintenance surface that can be swept and/or pressure washed as required to maintain appearance and stop loose aggregates from creating ‘ball bearing’ trip hazards and a maintenance headache.

Finally, the nature of DEKO is such that, while extremely durable and hard, its permeability means it does not trap water, so when temperatures drop below zero, the risk of frost thaw is mitigated. All while preventing ant colonies and unsightly weed growth.

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