Milestones of a Successful Family Business

Summer of 1980

Market Expansion

Romex History Conference

The 1970’s was witness to an explosive growth in epoxy resin and polyurethane products from Germany resulting in over 300 producers of bridge coatings and industrial flooring products. During this time, ROMEX® company founder and lead production designer, Rolf Meurer was integral to the development of these ground breaking products.

MARCH 1986

The Evolution of Paving Joint Mortar

1 Romex History Paving Jointing Mortar

Rolf Meurer and one time managing director of ROMEX® Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Klaus Lobsensky create the first synthetic resin paving joint mortar.


Original Company Foundation

Establishment of ROMEX® GmbH in Rheinbach for the distribution of floor coatings and bridge waterproofing, with a focus on Eastern Europe.


New Company Formation

4 Romex History New Building

ROMEX® AG becomes a reality with the purchase of new company headquarters in Euskirchen-Weidesheim. This includes the conversion of the existing facility for production of the new proprietary product line.


Romex Jointing Mortar Production Line Launched

ROMEX® AG begins production of our proprietary paving joint mortars in our own facilities with the introduction of the ROMPOX® - DRAIN and ROMPOX® - D1 paving joint mortars. Although our first jointing mortars they are still considered to be some of the best products in the category today.

Early 1990s until 2002

Technological Advancements and Market Leader

5 Romex History Spray Technique

New exciting developments made possible for injection and coating applications. This time period was witness to the introduction of PU injection technology for steel bridges (orthotrope slab) and concrete bridges. The coating side saw a plethora of new industrial applications in a variety of industries; such as, nuclear power plants, air cushion transport, automotive parts,  stadium stands, sports equipment, decorative products and the food industry.

Paving joint mortar production and sales increased significantly throughout this time period.

Through the purchase and construction of its own production facility ROMEX® PFM GmbH becomes a market leader in its field.


Beginning of 2002

ROMEX® Launches New Product and Production Facility

6 Romex History Own Production Facility

With continued research and development ROMEX® unveils its new pre mixed single component paving joint mortar product, ROMPOX® - EASY. This ready to use product becomes an instant sales success, due in part to ROMEX®‘s purchase of its own production facility in Meckenheim.

Late Summer 2003

R&D Unveils New Paving Joint Mortar Strength

While sales of existing products steadily increase, research and development of new products also continues - yielding the next market innovation: ROMPOX® - D2000. This two component resin jointing mortar eclipses all other market offerings in terms of strength, strong enough for city street traffic, supporting loads of up to 25 metric tons.


ROMEX® Becomes Certified

With the introduction of its own quality management system ROMEX® becomes certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


ROMEX® Expands Existing Infrastructure and Opens New Facilities

With its ongoing success and sustained growth, ROMEX® outstrips its existing capabilities.

ROMEX® expands its existing production facility and constructs an additional attached logistics center. Further to match its continued growth, specifically in paving joint mortars, ROMEX® expands its sales team capacity with the purchase of a farm in Euskirchen which becomes its new representative distribution center with a sample installation space and training rooms.

Summer 2010

5 Year Guarantee

ROMEX® PFM GmbH becomes the first manufacturer of paving joint mortars to provide a 5-year system guarantee.

Beginning of 2013

Road Construction Innovations

ROMEX® pioneers a new innovative slip safety system for large format slabs and pavers under the brand name ISATec®. This new technology prevents damage to inner city areas subjected to heavy loads, such as city squares and pedestrian zones by absorbing typical thrust and shear forces.

June 2014

ROMEX® Celebrates 25th Birthday

“Coworkers are the company’s most important capital”

- Rolf Meurer, Chairman

September 2014

ROMEX® PFM GmbH Awarded For ISATec® Slip Safety System

11 Romex History Nurnberg Medal

The Federal Association of GaLaBau (BGL) awards ROMEX® PFM GmbH with the 2014 Medal of  Innovation for the ISATec® Slip Protection System for large format slabs, initially launched in 2013. When receiving the award in Nuremberg at the 21st GaLaBau trade fair, Bert Meurer, Managing Director of ROMEX® PFM GmbH, stated: "I am delighted that our development is so highly appreciated."


MAY 2016


In May 2016 the two previously separate divisions, floor covering and paving joint mortar merge into one company. Official launch of ROMEX® MB GmbH begins at company headquarters in Euskichen, Germany.

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