Best of Eco – A Good News Green Story

Have you been searching for a paver jointing sand that is ready-mixed, easy to use, highly water permeable, pressure washer safe and is manufactured from environmentally friendly and recycled materials? Well, look no further.

Resin-bound jointing sand products have steadily been gaining traction and popularity across North America and are a more robust alternative to commonly used paver jointing sand products such as polymeric sand and loose grit. The benefits of high-quality resin bound jointing sand such as ROMPOX® – ECOFINE include reduced installation times, increased durability, effective stormwater management and ease of maintenance thanks to the surface’s ability to be pressure washed up to 2,000 psi.

As buying trends and construction regulations continuously shift towards a more durable and sustainable outcome, products such as ROMPOX® – Ecofine that have been manufactured with a clear intention to reduce any potential negative effects on the planet are becoming a sought commodity by both installers and clients. The finished result is often required to be supported by good news green story which brings ultimately brings manufacturing processes and practices under more scrutiny than ever.

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ROMPOX® – ECOFINE is truly one of a kind. The ready-mixed compound is perfect for all pedestrian applications and is the only product of its kind on the market to be made from 98% natural, recycled, or renewable raw materials and produced with solar power. Even the bucket is made of 97% post-consumer recycled products (PCR) plastics to ensure that Eco-Fine’s environmental production cost is as low as possible. ROMPOX® – ECOFINE can be used around the house on pathways, patios, and pool decks and is resin film free thanks to its advanced binder technology. The product was subjected to intense testing to verify its resistance to pool chemicals, making it the only single component resin on the market that is officially approved for pool deck applications.

As a result of ROMEX’s commitment to advancing the industry with progressive products that consider the environment at every step of the process, ROMPOX® – ECOFINE was awarded the “Best of Eco” at the recent BHB Industry Awards in Germany which recognises companies and products for their innovation and development.

The jury was particularly impressed by the inventive spirit of the ROMEX® team and commended their effort to pursue new, climate friendly product lines. The panel commented that, “with ROMPOX® – ECOFINE, ROMEX® have succeeded in developing a unique product that is based on environmentally friendly raw materials and a consistently sustainable production chain, whilst incorporating a bio-based binder that is free of cobalt.”

The production and promotion of ROMPOX® – ECOFINE demonstrates a strong commitment to ROMEX North America’s vision to “Transform the hardscape industry with resin bound permeable surfaces, providing peace of mind and a life expectancy of 50 years … and counting.” We are excited and proud to pass these important sustainability focused benefits on to our valued customers and look forward to continuing to support many successful permeable jointing sand installs across North America in the coming months and years.





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