PROBLEM SOLVED: Minimal Build Up for Masonry Paving Assembly on Slab

We bring you the first in a series of ‘Problem Solved’ articles that detail how ROMEX solved a particular challenge or problem in the industry. This edition focusses on masonry paving for the Canada Place Plaza project in 2017.

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ISSUES: Multiple

  1. Limited 5½” depth on rooftop slab over tenants below
    1. incl. membrane, insulation, drain mat, bedding material, and natural stone paver,
  2. Absorb significant forces from 200+ annual cruise ships docking against it,
  3. Significant annual waterfall incl. water catchment for ‘the sails’ and near-zero slope,
  4. Decreased maintenance and downtime from receiving 1 million+ cruise ship visitors, other tourists, and hosting public events
  5. Compressed timeline between cruise ship seasons, through winter months, with hard deadline to re-open for BC’s ‘CANADA 150’ celebrations.



RSG = ‘ROMEX SYSTEM GUARANTEE’. The RSG system is 3 parts – Romex bedding, bonding, and jointing. An RSG paving assembly has a 10-Year Warranty and a 50-Year Life Expectancy.

RSG: Superior strength, structure, permeability and speed of install.

This allowed for:

  • Natural Stone paver thickness to be decreased from 2” to 1½”
  • Insulation thickness to be decreased ½” by using a denser option with a higher R-Value
  • Those small gains allowed for adequate bedding depth to meet performance criteria – even at only 2½”

Only the incredibly strong, resilient, permeable, and fast-installing bound RSG paving assembly solution from ROMEX® was able to solve all these design problems while still meeting the constraints of the construction timeline

ROMEX provided pre-training off-site and supervision on-site to ensure a successful install.



Success! Installers beat their construction deadline, rigorous 3rd party testing found no deficiencies, and everyone from client to consultant is impressed. The Canada 150 Celebrations went on as intended!


“The redesigned space is a Canada 150 at Canada Place legacy for the community.”

~ Evangeline Englezos, Director of Community & Aboriginal Affairs for the Port of Vancouver.


Three years later, the install remains rock solid. Not a single piece of grout has needed to be replaced, with no delaminations or paver shifting. We encourage you to make a site visit – and bring your camera.

Please do check the attached brochure, the project photos and watch the video!

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